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The Lotus Path

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Ann Jonas

Ann is passionate about helping and supporting others to become more of who they truly are.

She approaches her work from a holistic, intuitive, spiritual perspective, with decades of experience as a body worker and birth doula.

Today her most powerful gift is being a Transformational Coach.


“My desire is to support women in the unveiling of the higher self and allowing spirit to bring abundant happiness and love.”

– Ann Jonas

No mud, no lotus




The Lotus Path: Nurturing Your Soul's Cycles

Starting wherever you are and for as long as you like.

Embrace the community space as you take a leap into the mystery.

Embark on an adventure of soul travel to release what no longer serves. 

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Speaking Engagements

Ann Jonas deeply enjoys sharing her Lotus Path with groups of all sizes. Her intuitive and engaging presence offers transformation to all in attendance.

She is a gift of change.


“Got Gratitude” Retreat Nov. 2019

When we come together to support and celebrate each other beneficial change naturally occurs.

Ann holds focused and relaxed experiential weekends that shift the internal perspective to see and feel the beauty of life naturally, effortlessly.

 The spiritual journey is highly personal.

We are all learning to listen to our own truth.


Let yourself be exquisitely guided

The Lotus Path: It’s yours to find

Our lives are made of one step, one choice at a time. 

These are dependent on our willingness and presence. 

The Lotus Path is yours to reveal and enjoy each moment. 

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Summer Solstice

Sheds light. 

Giving us the opportunity to see ourselves clearly. We begin where you are. Slowing down to meet and welcome yourself exactly as you are.

We open to the light of all that is to connect and surrender, to let go fully into life. We are gifted with the long days see within and to enjoy what is around us. 

We relax and enjoy the expansion of this cycle to take us where we didn’t know we could go. To allow what wants to be to take us further into our creative self and participate in life. 

We remember that we are a part of all that is.

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Autumn Equinox

A time of harvest. 

Harvesting the fruits of our life’s labors. Knowing that every moment of life has brought us to this truly perfect moment. As we allow things to be seen and welcomed home we create the fertile ground of what is next.

This is the time of harvesting the creative gifts of the expansion and the mystery that we are a part of and allow it to fill us.

We open to receive the gifts of life and the generous offerings that life is lifting up to us.

In this grace we allow ourselves to receive the bounty and dance in gratitude for all we have been given. It is the celebration.

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Winter Solstice

The magical pause.

An inward turning to connect with the roots of our lives. The strong foundation that has been created and perhaps forgotten. In this slow, dark time, we wait in the mystery for what wants to emerge. We are patient and kind and bring love to whatever is.

As we let the quiet and rest of this inward time hold us and remind of that stillness is also required for the return to our fullness. 

This is a much needed part of learning to trust ourselves and life, the let go of constant outward fixation. 

We learn the rhythms of life are needed to bring all of us along.

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Spring Equinox

Time of birth. 

Regeneration after the barren branches have taught us about faith. The shoots of new inspiration and creation naturally move through us to teach us about who we are becoming. This surprises and delights us as we have been cultivating the fertile soil knowing that it will bring what is meant for us.

The energy that births more and more of our authentic self comes when we move with the natural growth. 

It is here we learn more deeply how to merge with the dance of life. Allowing ourselves to be included and needed.



We create the perfect container

for you to become

Who you are truly destined to be

In your timing

In your way


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The 8 pointed star symbolizes hope and guidance.

The circle has no break and cannot be broken.

The Inner Star points to the four cardinal directions: East, West, North and South. The Outer Star points to the four seasonal cycles: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

The Summer solstice where the sun path would be at its farthest north, the days are longest. A time of renewal and great potential and hope for the future.

The Winter solstice celebrates the longest hours of darkness. A time for the powerful energy of regeneration and self-reflection.

The Autumn and Spring equinox are when day and night are of equal length.

Each cycle represents important times in the year and are necessary for our Earth’s journey.

The Hope symbol of the eight pointed star therefore represents the four cardinal points of north, south, east and west and their connection to the outermost points on the horizon where the sun passes through the year – the solstice and equinox points.



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“Be kind to yourself, and watch your external world change. ”

— Anita Moorjani