The Lotus Path

Are you ready for your next level of self-love and growth? Do you desire connection and being seen and loved for who you are? Are you willing to take a leap into the mystery with a dedicated group of women?

These cycles are ones that we travel daily and are the path to return to a deep welcome and caring for ourselves as we are.

We learn to stay no matter what is happening. We are learning to love ourselves as we are.

We embark on the deep dive into self, resolution of trauma and past injury and the birthing of the you that is calling for your attention.

What am I feeling? What am I desiring? What am I willing to let go of for this birth to take place?

We will meet in person in Northern California for luxurious weekends to dive into connection. Reflect and deepen the work of saying “yes” to what is.

We will co-create a type of support and magic that is only accessible when we come together as a community and witness, with love, The Great Circling inside each one of us.

You may enter at any point during the year. Stay as long as feels “right” to you. Step away and then return. You choose your path. It’s a deep honor and adventure of soul travel to release what no longer serves and to make way for the depth of your expression to find its way in perfect timing.

In-between our quarterly gatherings we stay connected via calls and online platforms. You have the choice of three paths.

Retreat: Friday through Sunday , all meals and shared lodging included in a luxury sanctuary home that we will make magic in. The exact dates and times to be confirmed:

March 20 - 22

June 19 – 21

Sept 18 – 20

Dec 18 - 20

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