"There were many serendipitous moments that led me to a complementary call with Ann. On that call, my heart cracked open and I felt love pouring in for the first time ages. I don't mean the kind of love that I get from my children, which I am blessed and grateful to receive every day....this was Divine Love.

And I felt it because that's what Ann offered me. Working with Ann was wave after wave of Divine Love. I was at rock bottom, and grasping for anything I could hold on to that might help me pull me back up.

Ann turned out to be the strongest root when it mattered most. I never had to question whether or not she would let go. When I showed up with frazzled energy, Ann helped me feel grounded. When I showed up in tears, Ann dug a well big enough to hold them all. When I was so filled with anger and truly didn't see a way out,

Ann patiently guided me through the darkness until I found the smallest place where the light was shining through. Standing in that sliver of light, I wept. Not in sadness, but infused with hope. It wasn't easy, and required me to dig deeper than I was sometimes comfortable digging. But with each layer we peeled back, I found I could breathe just a little bit easier.

After 6 years of being stuck in a vicious cycle, working with Ann helped me forgive not only for the person I was struggling to forgive, but myself. If you are looking for deep, transformational healing, I cannot recommend Ann highly enough. I am truly grateful for her and her gifts!"

– Beth


“Ann's workshop was inspiring, motivating and fun.

I love how she approaches her work with such authenticity and honesty. She is a great listener and shows empathy and a true connection and desire to help.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who needs a bit of guidance while working on their life journey and the bumps that happen to us all along the way. In the workshop, Ann shares her amazing and brave story along with 7 key learnings which are great reminders and tools to use everyday.

Ann is a delight and someone I respect and look up to greatly. I trust her and am able to be vulnerable and accepting to the healing and light she so graciously offers.”

– J.M.


I began working with Ann last year.  I was struggling with many things in my life and felt stuck.  Ann presented herself as a life coach, there to help me get clear, create goals, and reach them.  

I connect with Ann about once a week and I look forward to that time as it is time I have to focus on myself.  Working with her I have become more confident, clear, and realistic about my hopes and goals.  

She has the perfect combination of support and sense of humor to help me stay light even in dark times.  My biggest issue has been self-esteem. I was at a very low point when I connected with Ann.  

Ann has helped me get my self-esteem back and helped me use it to create change in my life.  She builds me up every session and reminds me of all that I have to be grateful for.  This path may not always be easy, but with Ann just a phone call away, I feel like I can move through anything that comes my way and come out the other side a stronger, happier woman.  

Working with Ann is the best decision I have made for myself in years.”

- Virginia

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“Ann's work is deep and profound.

She was always able to create a safe container for our sessions and bring in the light to support the deep dark times.

As a Wellness coach and body worker, I know that it is important to have someone who will stand by your side and support you through thick and thin.

Ann did just that.

She met me at a time a few months after my Dad had passed away. Ann held space for me to just weep the whole first hour of our first meeting. It was comforting, but also my mind was embarrassed because, how could I be so vulnerable and an emotional wreck? After all, I am a Wellness coach.

I know that my own growth will allow me to better help my clients. Here I was judging myself, which I don't normally do for my clients, but I was readily hard and eager to judge myself.

We all do that unfortunately and that's where highly skilled coaches come in and ask questions to unravel what might come up and dig deep to find out where that emotion comes from.

Ann did just that.  Some things that came up were deep seeded from childhood. I was hiding in a dark place and afraid to come out. In fear that what I was stepping into was the same as what I would experience as a kid. So I stayed silent for a long time, "parent pleasing" to keep the peace. Ending up so quiet, I didn't even know what I wanted for myself when asked.

It was so engrained in me to serve and please others that when asked, "what do you want?" I was upset and said" I don't know what the fuck I want!"

It shocked me and surprised me when that came out. Swearing was never allowed in our home, and neither was being upset or angry.

Money was another key component to my being coached by Ann. She said," why are you borrowing money, vs. just asking for money from your husband?"

We never asked for money as kids, in fact money was scarce and our parents would borrow money from us and pay us back with interest. I guess an early lesson on banking?

So I learned to ask for money from my husband guilt free. The realization of my own worth, value and contribution to our daily family life, helped me see that if we had to pay someone to do these things that it would cost a bundle.

I experienced a shift in energy after working with Ann, she was able to help me break through some very old barriers and thoughts that no longer serve me today in the present.

She taught me about my saboteur and that I was my own worst enemy at the time.

The way she was able to see me through my patterns was truly amazing. She called me out on my shit and didn't let me get away with being the " stubborn, obnoxious" girl that was showing up. She had me take a look at how it wasn't serving me anymore to be driven by that past part of me. I needed to take charge and make a change.

I learned healthy ways to communicate my needs, wants and desires. Making waves or speaking up has allowed me lots of space and freedom to go with the flow. Now my spontaneous self I am free to make plans and not be scared to make them out of fear that it won't happen.

My nervous system has calmed down, I am not in fight or flight mode all of the time and trust that all is in divine timing.

The timing was perfect when Ann reached out and offered her services. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to say "yes" to working with her.”

– Lori