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Testimonial from Developing Alliances:Professional Gatherings for Extraordinary Women from the co-founders, Aimee Lyndon-Adams and Karen Halseth, of What Truly Matters:

“Thank you to Ann Jonas, The Lotus Path, for her presentation, ‘Resilience in Business: How to Bounce back from Setbacks.’ Ann shared how important it is to accept life’s ups and downs, and focus more on how we respond to them than trying to figure out why they happen. Once we accept our circumstances, then we can process and understand it, learn from it and move on even more powerfully.”


 Ann Jonas, Transformational Coach

Ann is available for groups of all sizes to inspire deep connection leaving people with tools to return to themselves.

She is compassionate, powerful and playful.

Her life’s Path has brought her potent insight into transforming the “mud” into the “Lotus” of each person’s emergence and their own timing.