No Mud, No Lotus:

Both suffering and happiness are of an organic nature, which means they are both transitory; they are always changing.

The flower, when it wilts, becomes the compost. The compost can help grow a flower again.

Happiness is also organic and impermanent by nature.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

Ann’s life purpose is helping and supporting others to raise consciousness and shift from struggle to surrender. 

Over the last 20 years she has worked as a massage therapist incorporating energy work and as a birth doula and childbirth educator. 

She’s now a Transformational Coach. 

Ann approaches her work from a holistic, intuitive, spiritual perspective. 

Any coaching relationship is a journey of discovery, release and building paths to where each person wants to go. It is a collaboration and when it’s a good fit, it flows and the support needed for each phase is easily accessible.

Ann honors and recognizes the best in each person and that there is a journey we are here to be a part of.

Everyone can use a little extra support and nudging in life now and then as things come up. Sometimes we feel stuck or need some guidance in moving through a life transition. 

“It is my honor to hold the space and invite the curiosity in to help you journey through.

I have noticed that in life people often wish to live like a lotus flower does: naturally, beautifully, and purely. The lotus grows out of the dirty mud under the water, yet still keeps its pureness, freshness and beauty.

My vision and goal as a Transformational coach is to support you in reconnecting with your purest self and remember the wholeness of your being as you move through life. Examining the experiences that show up as challenges and helping support your path to be the best version of you.”

 – Ann Jonas